Current Issue

Cover by Ben Freiman

Letter from the Editors

Jenn Hendricks & Katelin Penner, Co-Editors in Chief

What’s So Gay About Gardening?

Annie Deely

Pedaling Together:
Exploring Bike Buses as Safe, Sustainable, and Social Commuting for Children

Daniela Finlay

Post-Dobbs, a Radical Web of “Abortion Infrastructure” Springs Up Under, Across and Through Borders

Brittany Jeffery

Beyond the Bench: Hartford’s Grassroots Movement for Better Public Transit

Dimitris Koutoumbas

Creating Inclusive Urban Futures:
A Case Study on Dementia-Friendly Singapore

Sidney Lok

The Case for Rails, Trails, and Dwellings for the Working Class

David Oke

Editorial Board

Jenn Hendricks – Co-Editor-in-Chief – is a Brooklyn-based freelance writer and urban researcher. Her work focuses on comparative urban policy, with a specific interest in regional understandings of community development and public space. She studied Urban Policy at Hunter College. She is also the Production Manager for the Museum of Americana and the Development Manager at City Limits.

Katelin Penner – Co-Editor-in-Chief – (she/they) is a vacant lot researcher and Master in Urban Planning student at Hunter College. Her work concerns the ways cities respond to austerity, community resilience, social housing, and the role capital has played in shaping our homes and neighborhoods, especially in the late 20th Century. You can reach them at with any questions or quandries you may have!

Matt Choi – Associate Editor – is a fourth-semester student in the CUNY Hunter MUP program.  He is interested in waterfront planning and distinctive approaches to placemaking that center on local identity and references to vernacular design. He has worked as a placemaking and development consultant in New York City. You can read his writing on cities and urban design at


Izzy Goodman has spent over a decade recruiting, training, and mobilizing activists and leaders and helping organizing and advocacy programs staff up and get alignment on values so that they can run impactful organizing campaigns. From Alaska Native Nations working to protect the Arctic from threats of drilling and development to college students fighting for healthcare to everyday citizens forming local groups to build power for their communities and win lasting change. Today, she works with organizations to structure departments and campaigns by centering social and racial equity in hiring, campaigning, and throughout movements and the organizations that power them. Based in Brooklyn, NY, she is pursuing her MSULP focused on housing, climate change, and building sustainable, just futures throughout our cities. Izzy uses she/her pronouns.

Will Greenberg is a Master of Urban Planning student at Hunter. He received his bachelor’s from the University of Michigan’s Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy and has been published in The Washington Post, Mother Jones, In These Times, and Vice.

Veronica Maisch is a graduate student in the Master of Urban Planning program at Hunter College interested in urban ecosystems, regional infrastructures, and environmental planning. She is committed to advocating for just and equitable urban policy through data-driven research and design.

Isabel Ozkan Jordan is a graduate student in the urban planning program with a background in environmental policy and local food systems.

Visual Contributors

Ben Freiman is an MUP student, transportation planner, artist, and musician based in the Lower Hudson Valley. His professional work centers on transit accessibility, equitable urban spaces, and design. Ben’s creative and academic endeavors often focus on sense of place, spatial idiosyncrasy, and novel technologies. Find him on Instagram: @benf.images.