Fall 2021: Pathways Forward

Editorial Board

Lily ZaballosEditor in Chief – is a second-year student in the M.S. in Urban Policy and Leadership program. She is currently a Morgan Stanley/ANHD Community Development Fellow working at Cooper Square Committee. Her writing and research interests focus on participatory planning, economic development, and sustainable food systems. She can be found at lilyzaballos.com.

Sus Labowitz – Associate Editor – is a planner preoccupied by a just transition away from the extractive economy and the role technology plays in that process. They draw on their experience working with community groups and government and their research on queer and trans urbanisms. Find them at www.suslabowitz.com.


Justine Ambrose is pursuing an urban policy degree with a focus on land justice and social housing. She has worked in various capacities at nonprofits in NYC since 2008, and has volunteered with UHAB and Housing Justice for All. Justine holds a BA in Urban Studies from Vassar College. 

Rachel Bondra is a Master of Urban Planning. Her work explores urban industrial landscapes, their cultural histories, and expressions of power and politics in the built environment and planning processes. She employs frameworks and methodologies from Urban Planning, and draws upon her background in Art and Architectural History.  

Patrick Disselhorst is a graduate student in the Master of Urban Planning program at Hunter College. He is originally from Southern California.

Chelsea Evans is an MUP student at Hunter College. She holds a BA in Politics and History from Occidental College. Her interests include sustainable urbanism and spatial justice.

Lori Kastrenakes is a graduate student in the Master of Urban Planning program at Hunter College with a focus on housing. She has interned at New York City’s Department of Housing Preservation and previously worked in textbook publishing. 

Sidney Lok is a student in the Master of Urban Planning program and a Program Assistant at the Social Science Research Council. Her academic and professional interests include community advocacy and organization, affordable housing, justice reform, and participatory planning.

Maria Rocha-Buschel is a second-year graduate student in urban planning at Hunter College. She previously ran Town & Village, a newspaper covering Gramercy and Union Square, reporting on local news for eight years. She received a bachelor’s in journalism from New York University and can be reached on Twitter @mrb370/Instagram @mariarb370. 

Frank Tomasso is a Master of Urban Planning student at Hunter College with a focus on urban environmental issues and transportation. He pursued an undergraduate degree in Environmental Design, Policy, and Planning, establishing a foundation in sustainable design and land-use. He hopes to help build a more equitable, resilient urban environment.

Jaclyn Williams is in the M.S. in Urban Policy and Leadership program at Hunter College (’22). Born and raised in New York City, she developed deep interests in individual agency, neighborhood cohesion, and housing and economic development in metropolitan areas. Find Jaclyn on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jaclynewilliams/.

Visual Contributors

Marc Ella Roy is a graphic designer, illustrator, and new media artist. They are a senior at Hunter College, majoring in Emerging Media and Urban Studies. Currently, they are developing a thesis using augmented reality to reveal the impact of urban planning on the physical streetscape. Find them on Instagram at @cramvisuals.

A native New Yorker, Nina Young is a photographer, professor, and student pursuing the Master of Urban Planning at Hunter College. Her photographic interest in the built environment and its history has led her to focus on land use planning and equitable development. She holds an MFA from the School of Visual Arts and currently teaches at New York City College of Technology and Borough of Manhattan Community College.

Cover image by Nina Young. Cover and header design by Marc Ella Roy.