Spring 2022: Edges

Editorial Board

Jaclyn Williams Editor in Chief – is a graduate of the M.S. in Urban Policy and Leadership program at Hunter College (’22). Born and raised in New York City, she developed deep interests in individual agency, neighborhood cohesion, and housing and economic development in metropolitan areas. Connect with her on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/jaclynewilliams.

Sus Labowitz Associate Editor – is a planner preoccupied by a just transition away from the extractive economy and the role technology plays in that process. They draw on their experience working with community groups and government and their research on queer and trans urbanisms. Find them at www.suslabowitz.com.

Lily ZaballosAssociate Editor  is a spring ’22 graduate of the M.S. in Urban Policy and Leadership program. She was a 2021-2022 Morgan Stanley/ANHD Community Development Fellow and recently joined Karp Strategies as an Analyst. Lily’s writing and research focuses on community and economic development and sustainable food systems. She can be found at lilyzaballos.com.


Justine Ambrose is pursuing an urban policy degree with a focus on land justice and social housing. She has worked in various capacities at nonprofits in NYC since 2008, and has volunteered with UHAB and Housing Justice for All. Justine holds a BA in Urban Studies from Vassar College.

Chelsea Evans is a graduate student at Hunter College in the Master of Urban Planning program. She holds a B.A. in Politics from Occidental College. Currently, she works as a research assistant studying community health and land use. 

Salome Gvinianidze is passionate about inclusive and regenerative urbanism, she received her MUP degree this June and aims to design and plan more resilient, affordable, and equitable cities. She currently works at CUNY and assists in developing a new infrastructure workforce training initiative. Before studying at Hunter, Salome previously received a BA in international relations and sociology, and worked at various domestic and international nonprofits in New York and DC.

Olivia Henderson is a graduate student in the Master of Urban Planning program at Hunter College with a concentration in housing. She believes there are a thousand stories behind every city door and is committed to recording as many as she can. 

Sidney Lok is a student in the Master of Urban Planning program and a Program Assistant at the Social Science Research Council. Her academic and professional interests include community advocacy and organizing, affordable housing, and justice reform.

Trevor Lovitz is a second-year urban planning candidate. He also received his bachelor’s in geography from Hunter. His day job is as a GIS analyst.

Craig M. Notte is a litigation partner at a New York City real estate / landlord-tenant law firm representing large and small owners in the residential and commercial contexts. He is also on the Advisory Council of the New York Landmarks Conservancy. He has a Juris Doctor from Brooklyn Law School and a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Rochester. His particular interest within urban planning is the re-urbanizing of abandoned spaces. 

Lily Shoulberg is a born and raised New Yorker, earning her master’s in Urban Policy and Leadership at Hunter College. She previously worked in education, and is interested in education, housing, and food policy. She is motivated by a desire to see New Yorkers live comfortably and happily in a city that serves their needs. 

Emmet Teran is an Urban Policy graduate student at Hunter College and incoming John D. Solomon fellow with the City of New York. He’s a former press secretary in CT politics and current union digital communications director. He received his bachelors in English and Anthropology at Wesleyan University.

Frank Tomasso is a Master of Urban Planning. He studied at Hunter College, focusing on urban environmental issues and transportation access. He previously worked for the NYC Department of City Planning and pursued an undergraduate degree in Environmental Design, Policy, and Planning, establishing a foundation in sustainable design and land-use. He hopes to help build a more equitable, resilient urban environment.

Visual Contributor

Marc Ella Roy is a graphic designer, illustrator, and new media artist. They graduated in Spring 2022 from the Macaulay Honors College at Hunter College, with a double major in Emerging Media and Urban Studies. Their senior thesis, plannAR, uses augmented reality to reveal the impact of urban planning on the physical streetscape. Find them on Instagram at @cramvisuals, or on the web at cramvisuals.com.

Cover, header, and design description (below) by Marc Ella Roy.

When I heard that “edges” were the concept for this semester’s Urban Review, I immediately thought of collage, a relatively young artistic style that came into being around the same time as the planning profession itself. Collaging lets an artist bring together a variety of different objects and themes, transforming seemingly hard edges into a new, malleable whole. For this cover, I digitally collaged a vibrant, whimsical street corner that represents the joyful spontaneity of city life, inviting readers to explore the unique array of talent in the spring ’22 issue.